Arrivals at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

All international flights at ATL arrive at the International terminal. Arrivalsare locatedon the first level of the terminal. After reaching the level, passengers should proceed to the corridor towards escalators to the Arrivals level. International travels should keep in mind that electronic items and personal belongings will be recheckedat the airport. They will also need to go through the passport control to be allowed in the country, where the immigration status is going to be confirmed and reviewed. There are designated signs at the airport for U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens that travelers should follow respectively. For avoiding lines, U.S. citizens and some of the Visa holders should consider using APC – Automated Passport Control machines. Those travelers will not need to fill in the Custom’s declaration form. Those traveler going through Passport Control should have their passports along with Custom’s declaration form ready to show it to the officer. Travelersmight be askedabout the purpose of their trip for security reasons. An officer might also take fingerprints and a picture of a traveler entering the United States. If you have anything to declare, informthe CPB officer.

Global Entry

Global Entry is a program by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and enables quicken authorization for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. A Fingerprint biometric technology verifies a registered member. Automated Kiosks of Global entry are locatedin the arrivals area at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. No minimum number of trips is necessary to qualify for the program. Travelers participating in the program may enter the United States by using automated kiosks located at selected airports.

Automated Passport Control (APC)

APC or Automated Passport Control is a free service that requires no pre-registration or membership. U.S. and Canadian Passport holders, arriving on an international flight, instead of filling out the declaration form can proceed directly to a self-service kiosk in the passport control area.

Claiming a Baggage

After the security procedures, if you had a checked in luggage, proceed to the baggage claim area and make sure to check the tag, to avoid taking somebody else’s luggage by accident. Some of the travelersmay be selectedfor a secondary inspection of baggageby an officer.

At the Domestic North Terminal to claim the baggage proceed to Doors N1, N2, or N3. In the Domestic South Terminal,the baggage claim area can be accessedthrough door 55 to 57.

International arrivals at the Concourse F, areat the first lower level with their baggage claim areas. There are baggage carts available for travelers at every terminal.