Departures from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Travelers that are departing from the busiest airport in the worldare advised to arrive 2 hours before the scheduled flight for the security procedures. There are no liquids or aerosols allowed except those placed in one transparent quart-sized bag, that are limited to travel-size containers of 3,4 ounce or less. Those items must be removedfrom Carry-on for the X-rayscreening. PreCheck passengers can keep them in their carry-on during the security check.

There are two passenger terminals at ATL; those are The Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal. Those terminals face each other, andthere are seven concourses between them. There is an underground transportation mall connecting terminals. Domestic Terminal consists of the North and South Terminal that feature baggage-claim, check-in, andticketing counters.  The domestic Terminal is served by Concourse T. Gates T9-T15are located on the left, T1-T8 – on the right, and T8 and T9 in the central part leading to the Plane Train serving concourse and the international terminal. The North terminal is home to boarding gates of Frontier, Spirit, American, United, and Southwest. Domestic flights by Alaska and Delta are in the South Terminal. All international trips depart from the international terminal.Departures are on the second level where there is also the ticketing area. There are 70 self-in kiosks available on the departure level and lead to concourses F and E. Travelers can access concourse E boarding gates from the center of the international terminal. There are different dining and drink options for passengers departing from Concourse E. ATM, andCurrency exchange booth is locatednext to gate E11. E1 to E37 are boarding gates at the concourse E.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta InternationalAirport offers passengers ATL Trak-a-Flight Service. Travelers can sign up for a particular flight and get email updates and notifications regarding that specific flight for free. If there are any delays, cancellations, or schedule changes, passengers will be promptly informed.

Passengers can register for ATL Trak-a-Flight Service here:

Automated Screening Lanes

For screening at Automated Screening Lanes, a traveler must proceed to one of the five individual stations and retrieve a bin to fill it in with all the carry-on items, including roll-luggage. Laptops must be removed from the carry-on and place in binseparately. Bins should be pushedinto a conveyor belt that is going to move it through the X-ray machine, anda traveler should proceed to the checkpoint to pick up belongings.

TSA PreCheck

Concourse A and Terminal South ticketing area feature PreCheck enrollment centers for passengers interested in the TSA PreCheck program. This program allows the travelerto wear shoes, jackets, andbelts at the securitycheckpoint, and carry laptops and 3-1-1 liquids in carry-ons without removing them for screening. Enrollment centers at ATL are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM. For ticketed and connecting passengers, there is an enrollment center situated on Concourse A next to gate A19.