Terminals of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has two passenger terminals – The Domestic Terminal and the InternationalTerminal, named as Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal.

The Domestic Terminal

The Domestic Terminal at ATL is situatedonthe west side of the airport facilities and consists of the North and South Terminals. The South Terminal has both regional and domestic flights that are operated only by Delta Air Lines, the rest of the careers workin the North Terminal.

The Domestic Main terminal, the atrium, features the Ground Transportation Center. The atrium consists of three levels that aresurrounded by dining facilities and retail stores.

The Domestic North Terminal has boarding gates of American, United, Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest. There are check-in and ticketing facilities to gates N4, N5, and N6. The terminal also features a petrelief area.

At the Domestic South Terminal,there is ticketing and check-in facilities at S1 to S4 doors, baggage claim carousels from 1 to 9 accessed by doors from 55 to 57. Travelers can access lower parking and doorway LS2 through doors 55-57.

The only concourse at the Domestic Terminal is the Concourse T. Gates T9-T15 are located on the left side of the concoursewhile gates T1-T8 are locatedon the right side. Gates T8 and T9 lead to Plane Train that serves Concourse A to F and the International Terminal.

The International Terminal

The International Terminal consists of three levels – First level, Second level, and Mezzanine.

The firstlevel of the terminal is home to arrivals where there arecustoms and immigration and baggage claim area.

The second level is for departures and ticketing. Seventyself-check-in kiosks lead to the security checkpoint for Concourses F and E. The exit door twoleadsto the Hourly Parking Deck.

Most of the services like VIP lounges, personal services, business services, and others are locatedon the third level: Mezzanine.

Concourse A

Gates A1-A12 and A12-A34 are locatedat the Concourse A. The concourse also features numerous dining and retail options. It is also home to Delta Sky Club, Delta Air Lines Ticket Service Center, Delta Recharge Station, andDelta Self Service Center. The concourse has a smoking lounge, several Automated Emergency Defibrillators, elevators, escalators, and restrooms.

Concourse B

Gates B1-B7, B9-B14, B16-B29, B31-B36 and B19 are all located at the Concourse B. The concourse has several bars and restaurants. The concoursealso features Delta Sky Club, Delta Ticket Service Center, Delta Self Service Center, and Delta Recharge Station. The concourseis also equippedwith a smoking lounge, elevators, escalators, restrooms, andseveral Automated Emergency Defibrillators.

Concourse C

Gates C1-C22, C31-C53, C55, and C57 are locatedat the Concourse C. The concourse features several retail shops, bars, andrestaurants. It also features Delta Sky Club, Delta Connection Ticket Service Center, Recharge Station, smoking lounge, Automated Emergency Defibrillators, and restrooms.

Concourse D

Gates D1A, D1-D8, D8A, D9-D11, D11A, D12-D16, D21-D42, D44 and D46,are situatedat the Concourse D. The concourse features numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops; also the United Club and Delta Sky club.

Concourse E

Boarding gates at the Concourse E can be accessedfrom the center of the International Terminal. There are several boarding gates at this concourse numbered from E1 to E37.

The connector to the E and F concourses can be accessedfrom the arrivals level.

Concourse F

Concourse F has boarding gates F1-F14 and can be accessedfrom the International Terminal.

All international arrivals take place on the first level, where passengers can also claim their luggage. Concourse F baggage claim is next to the security checkpoint and ground transportation exit. Exit the baggage claim area for Plane Train Station and to find a connector between E and F concourses.

Ticketing counters and departures next to doors D1-D3 are locatedon the departures level. After going through the security, passengers can go to the Transit Hall and to the Atrium, where the boarding gates F1-F14 are situated.

Concourses A, B, C, D, E are locatedbetween the two terminals.